Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Unlock Your Abundance With Christie Marie Sheldon - Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer

Our #1 bestselling author on Mindvalley, Christie Marie Sheldon, introduces her free Mindvalley masterclass on how to unlock your abundance and open up a world of true freedom. Excited? Sign up for free here: 
If you don’t unlock your abundance, what is it really costing you?
In this video, Christie Marie Sheldon introduces her masterclass and expresses that she was hesitant to share this information because most energy healers never share their secrets. However, she is excited to share it with you because nothing makes her happier than seeing someone’s face wake up and realize that they have been living a mirage that isn’t really them…
Since abundance exists when you connect with who you came here to be, Christie will stripping away everything that has been holding you back. You will emerge as new, fascinating, and completely free you.
In this Unlock Your Abundance masterclass, you will:
— Discover each of the 24 Abundance Blocks.
— Experience a Christie’s remarkable Energy Clearing technique.
— Participate in an exhilarating online group experience.
— Find out what you could be earning when your Abundance Blocks are gone.
— Be inspired as you meet some of Christie’s most successful students.
— Witness a hot-seat Q&A between Christie and Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani.
— And so much more…
00:11 Introduction to the Masterclass
00:40 Why we’re doing this 1-1 Session
01:08 What abundance means
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Christie Marie Sheldon, a fully realized intuitive healer and author, is the #1 in-demand author at Mindvalley and is committed to using her gift to help people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their vibrations, manifest their ideal realities, and receive instant healing from the Universe.
Over the past 18 years Christie has spoken on radio shows, seminars and conducted over 30,000 private consultations for clients, some of whom are renowned political and business leaders.
Mindvalley is developing an online university for all ages focused on transformational education. We organize real-world curated events and produce programs in every area of transformation including mind, body, and performance.

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