Thursday, 5 July 2018

5 Science-Based Mental Hacks Will Make You Stop Procrastinating, Forever | Jim Kwik

In this video, Jim Kwik teaches you how to stop that pesky procrastination — once and for all! Are you needing to get a project done? Procrastinate for 3:40 minutes longer and watch this video! Learn more about his FREE masterclass here:
How do you stop putting things off that are important for you to do? In this Kwik video, Jim Kwik gives you the 5 best, science-based mental hacks to stomp your procrastination and step into a more fulfilling, productive, and successful life.
Here is a brief guide to his mental hacks, for a more in-depth understanding, definitely check out his video above.
1. Postpone Procrastination
Love procrastinating? Great! Put off procrastination. Procrastinate procrastination (har har).
2. Break things into chucks
When we feel like the task is a huge monster to slay, the best thing to do is to break it into smaller tasks (and reward yourself along the way).
3. Begin the Zeigarnik Effect
Start anywhere. Once you open the task loop, you are more likely to be inspired to close the loop and finish the task (this will make much more sense in the video).
4. Be kind to yourself
When you are hard on yourself for procrastinating, you are less likely to follow through — you are more likely to follow through when you practice self-compassion.
5. Tune into your why
Get your heart involved in the task. Think about all the positive rewards you will receive from doing this, and get yourself excited about it. Reasons reap results.
00:11 Postpone procrastinating
00:21 Break things into chunks
00:41 Begin the Zeigarnic effect
01:31 Be kind to yourself
02:06 Tune into your why
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Once labeled “the boy with the broken brain,” Jim Kwik is now the world’s leading expert in memory improvement and brain performance and a powerful Brain Coach for Hollywood superstars, top universities, Fortune 500 organizations, and big-time entrepreneurs like Peter Diamandis, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk. He has dedicated his life to helping people all over the world tap into their brains’ superpowers.
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