Thursday, 5 July 2018

Tantra Touch: The Path to Intimacy & Ecstasy by Late Psalm Isadora

Late Psalm Isadora reveals how to break through your intimacy blocks and open up a world of not only mind blowing sex, but mind blowing empowerment, intimacy, and authenticity in all areas of your life. Check out her free Tantra masterclass:
We live a world where people are starving for intimacy and connection — with other people and even within themselves. In her free, Tantra Touch masterclass, Psalm is on a mission to flip the tables by teaching the art of Tantra. She will explain how deconstructing your intimacy blocks and reconstructing yourself by tapping you into your sexual energy will bring technicolor and “juiciness” to all areas of your life.
In this masterclass, you will learn:
► How the mind-body-spirit aspect of Tantra positively affects your sex life, career, finances, friendships, and more
► How to have mind blowing, sacred sex and multiple orgasms
► How to easily connect with your shakti energy and experience more energy, intimacy, and fearlessness in your life
► How to recover from trauma and break pleasure barriers in your mind
► How to stay present in your body and step into your most authentic and alive self
► Powerful, ecstasy-inducing exercises that will help turn your dominant thoughts from fear-based to intimacy-based, liberate you from intimacy blocks, and intensely activate your creativity.
00:00 Intimacy blocks inside human body at present world
01:28 Why I teach Tantra
02:44 Benefits of learning Tantra
05:26 Identifying and removing psychological blocks
To learn more about breaking sexual taboos, check out Psalm’s talk on How Sacred Sexuality Heals Shame And Trauma.
If you are interested in applying some of Psalm’s tantric techniques immediately, check out her videos A Powerful Heart Meditation To Increase Intimacy ( and How To Have Multiple Orgams (
Finally, if you’d like to learn more about the late legend, Psalm Isadora, and the legacy she’s left behind, check out her tribute video, In Loving Memory Of A Powerful Teacher, Healer, And True Warrior (
Sex expert, Late Psalm Isadora, was the author of Mindvalley's best-selling course, Tantra Touch, an educator and speaker, and TV star. Through her work, Psalm helped thousands of women and couples worldwide explore their sexuality, remove shame and taboos around sensuality, and experience a new level of intimacy in their relationships.
Mindvalley is developing an online university for all ages focused on transformational education. We organize real-world curated events and produce programs in every area of transformation including mind, body, and performance.

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