Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Mutton Kabab*How to make Mutton Kabab*Homemade*

Mutton Kabab
1lb. ground beef, 2tbs. ginger & garlic paste,
1tbs. garam masala powder, 2tbs.kasuri methi
2tbs. lemon juice, 4tbs. chickpea flour (besan), 4tbs.
Millet flour (bajra flour), 1medium chopped onion
1hand full coriander leaves, 1hand full mint leaves
2tsp. red chili powder, 2tsp. coriander powder,
1/2.tsp.turmeric powder, salt to taste
Add all ingredients into ground beef and mix well
and make dough, add 2chopped green chilies and mix
Now this mixture is ready to make kabab
take some mixture, and make round shape ball kabab.
Now kababs are ready to deep fry, now heat pan and add oil, when oil is heated
deep fry kabab,till golden brown on high to medium flame. Now kababs are ready to serve.

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