Monday, 13 November 2017

I Buy Houses signs in Houston? What are they all about? Are they Real Houston House Buyers?

You have likely seen signs all over Houston, TX and in almost any city you’ve ever been to.  Usually in older neighborhoods.  Right now we are seeing a lot in 77587 and 77028  in South and East Houston. They are usually on a wire stake and it sort of put up randomly at intersections or stapled onto light posts.  They usually say something like “We Buy Houses” or “I Buy Houses  Cash” or something along those lines. There are all types of I buy houses signs, usually yellow and black or black and white.
At  We are also cash buyers and we can make a cash offer on your house in 24 hours as well!   But we do not use these signs …simply due to the overall hassle of putting them out and collecting them and also the fringe legality of the signs in many parts of Houston.  But be assured many people using those signs ARE cash Buyers and they will make you an offer.
What type of offer can you expect from Houston House Buyers putting out Bandit Signs? We explain in the video.

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