Saturday, 30 June 2018

How to Live an Extraordinary Life (The Education Gap we All Have)

What would happen if everyone had the skills and knowledge to live truly extraordinary lives? It’s time to make the education shift from being taught facts to being taught these extraordinary-inducing skills. Ready? Check out Extraordinary by Design:
If you’re like millions around the world, you may be frustrated with the global education system – a standardized model that impedes our individuality and attempts to contain us within labels that are obsolete. This century-old system has left most of us in debt for the sake of a paper qualification that doesn't even guarantee jobs that cultivate our greatest potential or make us happy; instead, we are stuck with ordinary jobs where we survive instead of thrive.
There’s a way to fill these education gaps. Imagine an education model that keeps the best of the old but innovates new ideas that teach you how to adopt great mindsets, have healthier relationships, be a better partner or parent, attain wellbeing, and not just live a “successful” life – but a deeply meaningful and extraordinary one. If you’re with us in making this a reality, watch this video and see what we're doing to help make this happen.
This is the mission of Mindvalley — a company dedicated to bringing a whole new curriculum to human education that is focused on health, wellness, mindfulness, connectedness and the things that truly make us live a life that's happy and thriving.
00:00 Current age of technology
00:39 How should we change the education system to take advantage of the technology
02:09 People with different learning wishes
02:55 Complete educational system
04:19 Education should teach us How to lead extraordinary life
To learn more about Extraordinary by Design, check out an Introduction to Extraordinary by Design (, Redefine Goal Setting (, and Understand the Culturescape (
Extraordinary By Design is Mindvalley's free course that helps you to unveil a fundamentally new way to think about your work, your social connections and your goals.
When you look at your goals as tools to get the experiences that make you happy, grow rapidly, and contribute to the world — you can then break your life down into 12 distinct areas.
These 12 areas are so interconnected that when one is lacking, it will pull down the others. But when you elevate one, it with elevate your entire life.
You can have access to 'Extraordinary By Design' free course on goal setting here:

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