Thursday, 8 March 2018

£175 Zara Style Challenge 2018 | Men's Style On A Budget | How To Dress Stylish on a Budget

£175 Zara Style Challenge 2018 | Men's Style On A Budget | How To Dress Stylish on a Budget Make Me That Guy | Men's Fashion, Dating, Fitness & Nutrition London.
£175 Zara Style Challenge 2018! This week Ollie has challenged himself to find a complete fashionable outfit in Zars for less than £175.00. Zara has clothes that look great and they don't cost that much either. He set himself a budget of £200.00 initially but he's gonna try and do it for £175.00. Watch the video to find out what he does!
Zara has improved a lot as a brand in recent years so it's always a great place to find decent quality clothes at reasonable prices. They always keep up with the latest trends too so you can be sure to get the latest styles in here. High street stores like Zara are perfect for finding a great looking outfit on a budget.
Watch the video to find out how Ollie puts together an amazing looking outfit in Zara for less than £175.00!
Stylish men's fashion is a combination of design, material and fit. Zara understands all these factors and design great looking, good quality clothes at great value.
The colour combination that Ollie goes for in this video is really cool and unique. It's very bright and you will stand out from the crowd as most people tend to go for black and dark colours.
What do you guys think of the final outfit? Do you like the pink hoodie? Let me know in the comments below!
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