Thursday, 10 August 2017

Dollar Surveys Rock. This is Deborah's true story about making money from surveys.
Deborah makes a really good income online. She’s paid for her opinion and has become known by her friends as a bit survey mad.
Deborah Casey, from Portland, Oregon has been making an income online since 2001. She regularly makes $300 - $500 a month for a few hours of work per week and is able to make $2,500 a month if she works about 25 hours a week. In Deborah’s best month, she managed to make a whopping $4,700. That was a nice supplement to her income.
Deborah makes her money by filling out surveys online and she’s admittedly loves dollar surveys. Each month, she views hundreds of questionnaires in one online database and selects the ones she’d like to participate in. All the dollar surveys she fills out are administered online so it is very easy and comfortable to do at home. Deborah loves working this way since she wants flexible hours and to be her own boss.
She also wants to get paid quickly. After Deborah completes a dollar survey, she is paid directly and immediately into her PayPal account or she can choose to receive a check in the mail. It’s very efficient as there’s no waiting around for a monthly paycheck.
Deborah absolutely loves giving her opinion on dollar surveys. She gives it most weeks and so she has become affectionately known among her friends as the survey junkie.
When she first started taking surveys, it was because she really wanted to give feedback. She thought it was fun. As her income grew, she soon realized it was also an excellent way to make money too. Overtime, it is no exaggeration to say, dollar surveys have changed her life.
There has never been a better time to earn money from surveys. In the past, most market research companies weren’t online and required registration by post and completion and return of surveys by post as well. It was all such a hassle but that’s all changed now with the Internet.
Today, Deborah is living proof that is possible to make a really nice income from filling out surveys and questionnaires online. It’s doesn’t matter if it is dollar surveys, sterling surveys or any other type of currency surveys. Not everyone wants to become a survey junkie, of course, but most people wouldn’t mind a little spare cash each month to put towards life’s little pleasures.
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